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Excessive hair loss in men: Signs of illness that cannot be subjective

Not only women, but many men also struggle with abnormal hair loss. Most of the time, the cause of hair loss in men is due to an unscientific lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, or a decrease in male hormones. However, in many cases this can also be a warning sign of many other diseases.

  1. What are the causes of hair loss in men?

1.1. Decrease in the hormone testosterone

The first cause can be mentioned is the decrease in male hormones. In cases where testosterone is out of balance, it is more likely to transform into dihydrotestosterone. At that time, the excess amount of dihydrotestosterone causes increased sebum secretion and will have bad effects on the hair follicles, making the hair follicles smaller, the hair roots weaker and the hair easier to fall out.

Caucasian young man controls hair loss on white background

1.2. Prolonged stress

Men are like women, when under stress, the body will release a number of hormones that inhibit the action of certain substances that can stimulate hair growth, so the hair growth process is slowed down and at the same time. Hair loss is also increasing.

Stress is the cause of hair loss

1.3. Due to the side effects of the drug

Some drugs for cancer treatment, anticoagulants, drugs for depression, drugs for gout, etc. are very good for treating the disease but can also bring unwanted effects. One of them is hair loss. When you stop using the drug, the hair loss will improve.

1.4. Scalp fungus, scalp inflammation

If the hygiene is not clean, or go to bed with wet hair, “men” can experience a fungal infection of the scalp and lead to an increased risk of hair loss. In addition, there is inflammation of the scalp. When the sebaceous glands are overactive, bacteria and fungi can grow, causing inflammation and leading to itchy scalp, dandruff, dry scalp, flaking, and hair loss. much,…

Hair loss can also be a side effect of medication

1.5. Types of diseases

When suffering from a number of diseases such as thyroid disease, immune system disorders, diabetes, etc., men can also show symptoms of abnormal hair loss.

  1. Ways to treat hair loss in men

2.1. When should you see a doctor?

If it is physiological hair loss, the hair that falls out will be replaced by new hair and the average hair loss does not exceed 100 strands per day, you do not need to worry too much. On the contrary, when the hair falls out abnormally, more than 100 hairs per day, it is time to go to a specialist for examination and treatment advice. Specifically, see your doctor if:

Hair loss is too much, more than 100 strands per day

Shedding continuously for a long time

Brushing hair also causes hair loss

When combing hair, hair falls out massively

Weak and dry hair

Some of the symptoms associated with male hair loss are itching, redness, and flaky, oily skin.

2.2. Ways to help improve hair loss in men

– If hair loss is caused by diseases, it is necessary to treat the disease first. When you go to medical facilities for medical examination and treatment, you will be examined by a doctor and given an appropriate treatment plan. If you treat the disease completely, your hair loss will also improve.

Each different disease will be treated in a different way, using different prescriptions. Do not self-medicate to avoid unwanted side effects.

– Can choose and use effective anti-dandruff shampoo products: For men, dandruff is an obsession and is also a common cause of hair loss. Effective dandruff treatment and scalp cleansing will help men prevent hair loss.

– In case, hair loss is caused by stress, it is necessary to adjust life habits, reduce work pressure, keep the spirit always cheerful, optimistic, should not stay up late and work too hard. Can listen to music and exercise every day.

Supplementing nutrients to improve hair loss

– If hair loss is caused by a lack of nutrients, the body should supplement with nutrients. Provide vegetables and fruits, meats, minerals to keep the body healthy and hair to be provided with the necessary nutrients.

2.3. Proper hair care should be taken to reduce hair loss in men

Hair care seems to be a simple thing, but most people do it wrong. You should note the following:

Do not brush your hair while it is still wet.

Should use a comb with moderate teeth, do not use a comb that is too thick, too tight because they can increase the risk of hair loss.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Should let the hair dry naturally and use a soft towel to wipe the hair, do not rub the towel too hard on the scalp.

Wash your hair with warm water.

Keep the scalp dry at all times.

Do not expose hair and scalp to direct sunlight, especially when it is too sunny.

When your hair is weak and often breaks, you should not use hair care products with many bleaches and fragrances.

Do not use chemicals, especially bleach, to dye your hair to make hair loss worse.

According to experts, the phenomenon of hair loss in men can be caused by many different groups of reasons. It is possible that scalp care and changing healthy, scientific and nutritional habits will help improve hair loss. But in the case of hair loss due to a disease, it is necessary to treat the disease to improve the hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a doctor to clearly identify the disease and at the same time help avoid harm to health.

You can call experts of Pura D’or – Vitals International Group will help you better understand the problem of hair loss in men as well as book an appointment soon.

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